Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look what I found!

I have been looking for a vintage trailer to restore for about 2-3 years. My dad said you can't buy one on EBay or Craigslist you have to go drive in the country and knock on doors. So, my sister mom and I were driving in the country to an Estate sale and I saw 3 vintage trailers on our way. So I call my dad and tell him I can't go knock on doors will you come do it? So he agreed and came on a Friday. I drove him to the 3 I saw. He drove by everyone of them and said it looks like they are using them. So driving by all of them we spot one down a road hidden. He pulls in the driveway starts walking to the door and someone pulls in the driveway. They looked at us like "can I help you" My dad says you don't want to sell that trailer do you? Well have not used it and need to talk to son-in-law. Dad leaves his business card and tells him call me if you decide you want to sell it. No call all weekend I thought of well. Monday comes and I get a call from my dad guess who just called? Who Mr. Brown and he wants to sell his trailer! Me so excited I want to go get it right then. I had to wait until Wednesday and had not even seen the inside yet! I tell my dad put your hitch on! We go look at it little water damage and the inside needs work along with the outside! But for $300.00 it is worth it! I can't wait to get caught up on orders and for the heat to mellow out a little to get started.  My dad had to fix the lights to tow it home! It went to his house so we  he could start tearing everything out and redoing! I will post as thing go along!