Saturday, May 18, 2013

A little update on my Vintage Trailer

So Spring is here almost summer. I went to my dad's

to work on my trailer. Started ripping out bad wood and found a lot more that needs to be done. The front is going to need all new skin. So it is a mess inside. Not happy not much work is getting done. Oh well what can I do I can't do the work myself. I did not take any pictures because it is so ugly to look at. Meanwhile here is a little older version of my trailer that was redone it is a 1964 Roadrunner with an aqua stripe 64 Roadrunner . I have decided I am doing aqua, pink and red for my interior colors! Can't wait to start decorating. I am hoping by the end of the summer. I will keep updating as it comes along.   

Some cute striped fabric maybe for above the kitchen sink Riley Blake Fabric
Rose fabric for the bedroom! Aqua rose fabric

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shabby Cath Kidston (look) Canisters for the trailer

Anyone still reading this? Thank you for those of you who pop in. I am a bad blogger. I feel like no one reads this so I don't update as much! I have had a super busy winter with cupcake stands! Doing them on Groopdealz and Veryjane is great but very time consuming. It has been very cold and snowy. Our highs are 13 and lows -4. I can't wait for spring and to start working on my trailer. I have not seen my trailer since Oct. since she's at my dad's with a big tarp over her!

After Christmas I went to Walgreens of all places and found these super cute rose canisters that remind me of Cath Kidston! They were on sale for $ 5.00 bargain. I guess you know how I will be decorating the trailer. I also need to name her. I will try to add updates in the spring of any progress that is made. Thanks for stopping by and I will try not to go so long without blogging!